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If you live in a region where citrus, or fruit generally, doesn’t grow well, you now can rest assured that you’ll never have to go without your favorite citrus fruits. You can get the finest citrus fruits straight to your door from Pittman & Davis and when you shop for everything in their catalog using these Pittman & Davis coupon offers, your savings will go through the roof.

Pittman & Davis was founded nearly a century ago after one enterprising salesman realized that folks loved eating delicious citrus fruits throughout the year, but weren’t always able to get it. That’s why he started selling citrus grown at his home in South Texas to willing customers all around the United States and the world.

It didn’t take long for people to realize what it meant to have citrus available all the time. Pittman & Davis soon took off and odds are good that you’ve enjoyed a box of their delicious oranges or grapefruits at a holiday party or even just in your own home.

The secret to Pittman & Davis’ success lies in their dedication to the small things. Details really do matter when it comes to producing delicious citrus fruit. From the type of soil the fruit is cultivated in to the temperature of the air and the maintenance schedule, growing a delicious grapefruit or other type of fruit is dependent on paying attention to the details.

Pittman & Davis knows what it takes to grow the best fruit and they want nothing more than to deliver that fruit to you today. You’ll get a fantastic price on your order and now when you pay using these specially marked coupon offers, you’ll save even more on your entire order.