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April 2014 Deals & Discounts

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About Smoky Mountain Knife Works

Smoky Mountain Knife Works sells knives and related products. The company was founded by Kevin Pipes and John Parker. Smoky Mountain Knife Works’ current retail location is in Sevierville, Tennessee. Knife categories include fixed blade, folding, boot, bowie, ceramic, locking, non-locking, utility and pocket knives. Accessories include sharpening rods, leather strops, rust erasers, sheaths, knife packs, leather belt sheaths, knife care oil, polishing cloths, display cases, handle slabs and polishing paste. Other accessories include horning oil, pocket stones, sharpening sets, knife rolls, belt sheaths, knife parts and small easel knife displays. Smoky Mountain Knife Works offers tactical-military knives including folding knives, fixed knives, flashlights, accessories, multi-tools, apparel, gear, survival knives, law enforcement products and military products. Smoky Mountain Knife Works offers martial arts products including blowguns, nunchakus, swords, throwing knives, fantasy and self-defense. Apparel products include shirts, shorts, pants, hats, belts, belt buckles, boots, gear and watches. Kitchen products include knives, blocks, block sets, cookware, décor, bowls, sets and baking tools. Further kitchen products include sharpening tools, utensils, sauces and other products. The company sells a variety of brands including Case, Colt, Frost Cutlery, Kershaw, Gerber, Esee Knives, Zippo, Master Cutlery, Leatherman, Remington, Daisy, United Cutlery and Hibben Knives.

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