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Pittman & Davis Shopping Tips

  1. Freshen up your home with some mouth-watering citrus bites of Pittman & Davis! Get some fresh fruit from the orchard, smoked meats, cheeses, pastries and other delicious products!
  2. Treat yourself or get a gourmet gift for as little as $10-$20!
  3. Be the first to hear about new products when you sign up for the Pittman & Davis newsletter!
  4. Pittman & Davis offers free shipping on all standard orders so have your fruit delivered to your door at no cost!

Fun Facts

  1. Not all oranges are the colour orange. Some are green or yellow!
  2. The apples purchased in the store may be a year old! Apples are only harvested in the fall. Remember that!
  3. There are seven shades of bananas, ranging from green to speckled yellow. Seven shades of grey – or yellow!
  4. Grapefruits can cause reactions if mixed with certain medications. Inquire with your doctor!

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