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  1. Make movies from your photos, video or music with Muvee and its easy movie-making software.
  2. Customize and collaborate from anywhere. Download the free software or buy MuveeReveal11 and make movie magic for only $79.99.
  3. You’ll get real cinematic titles, you can add project billboards and take full control of your Muvee in one redesigned table.
  4. With Muvee, you can be the director or the star!

Did You Know?

  1. Software engineers can easily make salaries over $100,000 a year. Young, smart, and rich!
  2. Initech was a fictitious IT company in the classic cult hit movie Office Space.
  3. Facebook has more users than the populations of most of the countries in the world!
  4. Singapore is one of the leaders in movie making. Who would have thought?

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